MANUS as Policy oriented organization and FM Policy of MANUS

15. MANUS as Policy oriented organization:
MANUS is administrated by a prescribed administrative & program guideline and manual being approved by the GC and EC for sound and effective program operation and the Executive Director is held directly responsible to EC for his all program operation and sound & effective implementation as per admin & program guideline and project requirements & planning followed by clear and detailed action plan to reach the project aims and objectives satisfactorily. All projects and programs are considered and approved by the EC and all operational & implementations reports of the planned and approved programs are monitored, scrutinized and evaluated directly by the EC or internal audit team of EC or other external evaluator. Staffs appointments are made on the prescribed personnel policy of the MANUS and on the requirements of the project need and demand, the EC can at any form any subcommittees to ensure effective, sound and transparent implementation of the planned project activities with desired outcomes and appointing potential staffs.

·         FM Policy of MANUS:
To ensure smooth and transparent financial operation, especially at very project requirement, the GC and EC of MANUS takes all responsibility through the Executive Director and forming project based finance subcommittees. Accounts section has necessary skilled staffs to maintain books of accounts and prepare accounts statement. The Executive Director checks the transaction and expenses of the admin and program based budgeted expenses. The government and donor authorities are welcomed to check all financial records directly or through their representatives at any time during the project implementation process. MANUS is fully concerned to satisfy of all authentic and transparent accounting requirements of the concerned government authorities, donors and partners at all project and program level. All books of accounts are audited and checked by external registered by of Bangladesh Government and all MANUS project accounts are subject to be audited by external registered and reputed auditing firm and reports to be submitted to donors, partners, Government Departments and EC. On requirements EC forms internal auditing team and generally the accounts department accounts statements to the Executive Director and Executive Director checks all vouchers and posting whenever it is required. All books of accounts are kept updated and anytime accounts position and statement of any category can be made and shown.   

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