Background of the organization

World aids day-2017

2.  Background of the organization:
Madaripur Nari Unnayan Sangstha (MANUS) is a woman headed and managed NGO. It is by nature a non-government, non-profit, non-political and non-religious development organization. MANUS is committed to reduce illiteracy, social injustice, human rights violations, gender discrimination, poverty, health hazard & environmental management to ensure better society with justice, good governance, harmony, capable and skilled manpower and human rights. It works in rural and urban areas targeting sustainable social change that will contribute in ensuring a better life and livelihoods for the vulnerable people with special emphasize to women, disables, children, disables, landless, rootless, floating, cleaners’ and autistic children in Madaripur, Gopalgonj, Faridpur and Shariatpur districts. These districts are situated by the bank of the dangerous rivers Madhumati, Arial Khan, and Paadma. Once open a time people used to afraid by hearing the roaring of the great Padma, Arial Khan and Madhumati. Though the scenario is changed now but still during rainy reason the rivers severely erode its bank and make a lot of people helpless and landless. About 38 unions of those Districts. These are fully desert areas due chars, frequent river erosion, over floods and other disasters. Farmers cannot cultivate. They do not get good crops in these areas. To remove these sufferings of the people, a group of dedicated social workers of those districts established MANUS in 1997 under the guidance of Ms. Shamsun Nahar Mukta, an educated, devoted and dedicated woman social worker of Madaripur. MANUS works by adopting the target group development approach and most of the groups are associated with poor men and women members. It implements all its activities for the purpose of the protection of human rights and violence against women of the target women, disables and children. It continues all its efforts to fulfill it’s commitments through mainstreaming gender in a participatory development process. It collaborates with different local, regional, national and international NGO’s, local administrations and Government departments in realizing their common goal through implementing sustainable rights based, and livelihood restoration of the poor and disadvantaged men, women, disables and children.

 It envisages a society with improved environment human dignity, social justice, good governance and security. Its mission is guided by people’s aspirations that significantly contributes in changing the existing socio-economic status of the target groups; facilitate those need-based services focusing to reducing gender discrimination and improving environmental status that will yield poverty reduced better life by enhancing people's capacities, initiatives and commitment followed by the principles of human rights, governance, gender and equity. Strengthening effective people’s participation at all stages of program designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and harnessing local and external resources that will contribute greatly in sustainable social change.

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