Goal and Main Objectives

5. G O A L:
It raises socio-economic awareness level of the target people and encourages them for starting collective actions for self-reliance, betterment of life and to upgrade the social status in the existing society

6. Main Objectives:
To achieve organisation’s goal and vision, the following objectives have been set:

·        To promote 90% literacy rate in the national level.
·        To reduce unemployment through creation of employment opportunities. Generate skilled manpower trough training on different trade to contribute GDP.
·        To reduce discrimination & establishing rights of the underprivileged people.
·        To ensure health, family planning services for the poor people.
·        To contribute for promoting the sustainable environmental development.
·        To ensure food security for all
·        To reduce the dependency on the fossil energy.
·        To generate a healthy & knowledgeable generation for future.
·        To minimize the risk of disaster and rehabilitee the victim.

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