HRM Policy

·         HRM Policy:
MANUS the employee agrees to abide by the authority of staff structure and co-operate with his/her colleagues and superiors according to the employee’s job description and title classification. Staff members are to exercise the utmost discretion in all matters of organization’s business. They shall not communicate to any person any information known to them by reason of their official position, which has not been made public, without the authorization of the Management, nor shall they use such information to personal advantage. This obligation of a staff member cease not even upon separation from MANUS. MANUS promotes a culture of participation, openness, autonomy and teamwork. Monitoring and evaluation is primarily seen as a learning instrument. Program implementation, staff productivity and program costs are monitored regularly. Team will provide overall supervision, guidance, strategy management, direction and integration of all components of MANUS development processes. This manual presents the standard procedure and policies of personnel management of MANUS. This is a guiding rule for all staff members of MANUS, which serves the interest of both the employer and the employees. The personnel procedure and policy of MANUS is not a static document, it is expected to review and update time to time to be a living and evolving document. Executive Committee of MANUS will review the proposals from the Management, to be submitted as and when required or when an amendment becomes essential for the interest of the organization and its staff, and take appropriate decision.

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