Organizational Structure

11. Organizational Structure:
MANUS is a NGO to preserve and claim the socio-economic rights of poor women as well as men and membership are provided to women and men with female dominance. There are three councils to form the organizational structure of MANUS such as:

a) General Council/Body: Members: 21 (female 16, male 05)
b) Executive Council: Members: 09 (Male 09)
c) Advisory Council: Members: 03 (Male 03)

Formation and operation of Councils:
(a)  General Council/Body: General Council is formed with general memberships and general council holds supreme authority to ensure to the structural formation of MANUS according to the approved constitution of MANUS. At present MANUS have 21 general members of whom 16 are women and 05 are men. Once or more the general council meets in a year and elects an executive council biannually. The general councils approve all yearly programs, yearly budget & yearly activities & financial reports.

(b)  Executive Committee (EC): The Executive Council consists of 07 members who are elected by the direct vote of the General Members in the Annual Meeting biannually. The EC operates to implement all the programs and projects under EC and it serves the guidance Executive Director (ED) of MANUS. ED is the management and administrative chief of MANUS and is responsible to the EC for all her responsibilities and duties. On the approval of EC, ED can plan, implement, monitor and appoint staffs for program implementation. Generally EC meets once in three months. But for extraordinary purpose, the EC can meet in 24 hours notice.

             The Executive Council:
                        1) Chairperson                        :           1 person.
                        2) Vice-Chairperson                :           1 person.
                        3) Secretary General/ ED       :           1 person.
                        3) Treasurer                            :           1 person.
                        5) Executive Member             :           5 persons

(c)  Advisory Council (AC): AC consists of 03 members nominated by the GC. They can or may not member of GC. The GC can choose any distinguished or famous persons to nominate for AC and The AC provides recommendations, advices and direction to the EC and management of MANUS. Their recommendations or advice or direction provided by AC must have to be approved by the EC for necessary actions. The AC meets once a year if not convened in short notice for some urgent matter. Human Resources of MANUS:

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