Program Implementation Approach

20. Program Implementation Approach:

MANUS follows a specific and scientific implementation planning so that the poor and the most disadvantaged people become the primary stake holders.

·         Identification of Project Area:
The management level staff visits different feasible areas. A tally between the GOB-NGO’S statistics and organizational findings is made and a thorough analysis is done. On the basis of this, MANUS finally selects its working area.

·         Group member selection:
A detailed base-line survey is conducted for all families of the identified project area. On the basis of the survey, those who fall under Criteria are enrolled as member of MANUS groups. This survey also leads the organization for need assessment of the members.
·         Exchange of Views through Focus group discussion (FGD):
MANUS organizes different Focus group discussion for the identified group members, local elite persons, public representatives and professionals and exchange views with them. These FGDs are conducted with an intention to convey them all about MANUS and identification of the needs of the area. Based on the findings of FGD, Project proposals are prepared.

·         Group Formation:
After completion of FGDs, MANUS starts formation of cluster/community based groups comprising of the identified members. The landless, underprivileged, poor, separated women and widows get priority as group members. Group size faith for man and women is from 25 to 30. Women are given priority and therefore 90 % of total group would be women. The groups meet weekly in a specific day and time of the week for meeting. The members are present in the meeting and discuss on socio- economical related issues and do deposit savings and loan installments. The MANUS workers do attend in these meeting and lead/assist to conduct meetings. Micro- credit disbursement collection of installments, education, on social issues like; health, sanitation, housing, entrepreneur ship are discussed in meeting.
·   Community Based Activities:
Besides the group activities, the organization conducts a few community-based programs so that most of the neighboring people right is valued. The community-based programs are Health & nutrition, Non-Formal education Program, Sanitation Program, Legal Aid program, Family planning Program, Environment Development Program, and Community based Rehabilitation Program etc.

·         Poor Families Lands Rights Development:
MANUS has been working lands rights promotion and Khas lands distribution among the poor families in the char and Dee areas. In this regard, MANUS has been motivating and raising awareness among the have-less people in the char and Dee areas and trying to uniting the have-less people, raising collective voices, to get their lands rights in the Khas lands and raised chars. MANUS has also been maintaining communication and liaison with the Upazilla land departments including with the local and Upazilla administrations for preserving lands rights of the have-less people in char and Dee areas. Already MANUS has realized a good size of lands and distributed among have-less families with help of Upazilla administration.

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