Programs at a glance MANUS has been working with

21. Programs at a glance MANUS has been working with:
1. Destitute women rehabilitation through training and homestead gardening
2. Training, Seminar and Workshop for training  of Destitute Women
3. Improvisation Theatre (Patha Natok)
4. Emergency response and rehabilitation
5. Solid Waste Management Program
6. Water and sanitation  Program
7. Disaster Preparedness and Feed Program
8. Education Program
9. Health Service & MCH Program
10. Handicrafts program
11. Non-Formal Education & Disable
12. Access to Justice and Good Governance for Development and Peace (Legal Aid)
13. HIV AIDS Program
14. Nutrition  & Family Welfare Motivation
15. Arsenic awareness rising, screening and mitigation Program
16. Social Aforestation Program
17. International Observation Day
18. Credit program
19. Women Development & training program
20. Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)
21. Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh
22. Water and sanitary Program
23. Sustainable Energy for Development  (Improved Cook Stoves)
24. Legal aid and mediation program
25. Women/girls dev. and training program
26. Mother & Child Health Care Clinic Project

27. Democracy Education and Citizen Rights
28. Woman Empowerment
38. Land rights development Program.

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