Role and Capacity of the Executive Director

16.   Role and Capacity of the Executive Director:
The Executive Director of MANUS has obtained Master degree from National University in 1987. The MANUS has been running successfully by her dynamic leadership for the last 14 years. He is the key person of the organization and she is responsible for reporting on the overall program progress and performances of the projects and reports the organizational activities to the Donors/Partners and concerned authorities. She has been looking after the project implementation at grassroots level and monitoring the project staff and personnel.

The Executive Director having been provided with 14 years of Experiences on NGO activities, she has earned a good reputation among the group members. The members of Executive committee and supervises the project activities time to time directly and provide necessary direction, decisions, feedback and suggestion to the Executive Director for the better implementation of the organizational works and project activities.

Apart from the above experiences, the Executive Director has much other experience for conducting, cooperating and participating many workshop and seminar with Local, National & International Organization. The Executive Director has been working in the field of non-government development sector tirelessly for last 14 years and she has got enough experience for smooth running the project activities associated with group members. Within the last 14 years she has been able to establish herself as a leader of development activities & under his leadership a good relationship with different GOs & NGO’s has established.

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